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The Other Side Movie (section)

Production is our specialty and we can produce all sorts of events and works for the media and entertainment realms. We do quality development, shooting and directing of animations, films, videos and many other mediums. The events that we produce are world class, and our corporate videos and websites are superb. We can supply the crew or work with your team.

We offer unequalled results in post-production due to our expertise developed during our effects laden feature film and the production of our various videos. We can compile all needed information, do sophisticated editing and execute digital effects. We can do real-time image treatments, sound effects and create all the green screen effects you may need. We offer state of the art editing using the latest software from which we can manipulate the images as need be. In addition we can master all images and soundtracks.

Due to our talented team, we are able to offer modern communication tools of a very high level of sophistication. We can easily create web sites of a promotional nature, or any other kind of web site for your company. These sites can be innovative, unique or even of a classical nature depending on your needs.

We offer our services for all aspects of pre-production. Our team can produce beautiful storyboards that will enhance any script. We can execute technical breakdowns, create budgets and do treatments for all sorts of ideas. We can do the casting for actors and narrators and do the hiring of technicians and all other supporting staff that may be needed for your production. We can even scout and secure locations.

2D & 3D Design
This service can be included in all Dreamsgate products or be offered separately. Consequently, we can offer for our diverse products 2D and 3D images, real time special effects, digital image treatment including texture and visual effects or any other kind needed. We can also offer our expertise to other production houses who wish to include this aspect in a project.

Marketing is a fundamental element in the success of all enterprises. The corporate image is the basis of all approaches toward the consumer. This image must be immaculate. High quality audio-visual documents that are distributed in a well thought out manner will support the brand image sought after by the enterprise. We conceive and produce such documents at a very high level of quality and accessibility, using ultra modern equipment and software.

Basically this entails producing a visual document for musicians and groups destined to accompany an audio recording, which will permit it to be broadcast on television. Music video production constitutes an essential step for the promotion of all musicians. These videos are often broadcast on specialty channels and permit artists to reach their targeted audience. It is difficult for an artist who does not have this support to become well known and sell records and tickets for concerts.